Learning from other I-K-Mediaries

Reflections on the conference/workshop from GDNet

Adriana Forero, LAC Regional Coordinator, GDNet
I personally found the workshop/conference very helpful in providing an input for both the day-to-day work and for the long term planning of our institutions. The possibility to get to know other IK-Mediaries and share with them work experiences was really constructive, among others, to start thinking on different ways to measure the effectiveness and impact of our work.

The discussion definitely raised a lot of issues to reflect on and enriched the process of formalizing the concept of “IK-Mediaries”. Since nowadays almost everything builds on networks the workshop/conference was a very good occasion build an effective network of ours. With regards to the internet tools we have to get familiar with, I feel that the cyberworld is changing too fast and for some of us that still have to learn more on them the network might be a very good instrument to provide support for our activities.

Finally, to me the most interesting lesson to draw from the workshop/conference was that despite the differences in nature and aims of our organizations, in the end we share a common challenge: to effectively communicate a message that contributes to the development of our countries of regions. In how we successfully support each other in fulfilling that difficult task, lies the key of our network.

Ingy Magdi, GDNet
I really enjoyed attending the workshop/conference and found it to be very helpful. For the first time I can sit with a group and discuss issues related to my job without having to explain first what is nature of my work. And this is because all of us understand what is the role of a knowledge intermediary. Also bringing together all those knowledge intermediaries in one place, sharing and discussing mutual concerns and trying to find solutions and effective ways to reach our target was very constructive. Despite the differences in nature and aims of our organizations, in the end we all share a common challenge which is how to effectively communicate with our target audience and how to provide them with the services they are looking for. The workshop discussions raised a lot of issues to enhance the concept of IK Mediaries. The conference also gave us a golden opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the new internet tools which we should eventually use in our organizations in order to enhance and upgrade our organizations website to match with this constantly growing cyberworld.


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