Learning and future action: conference evaluation

A summary of findings from the conference evaluation

76% of particpants who completed the evalaution questionnaire from the Power of In-between conference felt the conference met or exceeded their expectations.  Participants thought that in one way or another the conference had helped them to:

•    Debate and discuss the role of intermediaries: Helping to define, understand, broaden, clarify, value and explore the challenges relating to the role of the intermediary/research broker

“[My understanding of intermediary roles] has been blown up! There are horizontal roles, vertical roles, one-way, two-way, multi-way, 360°”

•    Share lessons and experiences with other intermediaries and learn from others:  Particularly in relation to gaining new ideas, comparing experiences and setting their work in a wider context.

“[There was] A sense of connection with other people facing the same issues.”

From the follow up activities people mentioned, it appears that the majority of participants:

•    Plan to co-operate with intermediaries in future
•    Identified opportunities for collaboration with other institutions and actors
•    Will apply new thinking, ideas and practical tools to their own work
•    Will share their learning with their colleagues and others in their organisation and networks

The main criticisms of the conference were that there was not enough time and that there was confusion over terminology and the hypothesis which could have been clarified and set in context at the beginning of the conference. There were also differing views on the focus that the conference should have taken with some participants suggesting it should have focussed on policy processes and others more on grassroots engagement.

The full evaluation report of the conference is available to download here

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