This page will keep you updated with news on what’s happened since the event.  You will be able to find follow up reports from the conference and the Between Ourselves Workshop, information about outcomes and further details about the I-K-Mediary Working Group. More details will follow in due course.

Get involved
If you were unable to attend the event or have only just found about it, then you can find out more about what happened on this site.  You can add your thoughts or comments to any of the postings.

If you were at the conference then please do share your thoughts, reflections and news on any follow up you have made.  Submissions are also very welcome, please tag content power_inbetween or email the editors c.fisher@ids.ac.uk

Between Ourselves Workshop
A workshop called Between Ourselves was held after the conference which brought together intermediaries from around the world.  Particpants took time out to share experience in practical and theoretical elements of their work and reflect on the conference. The group agreed to take forward collaboration in the form of the I-K-Mediary Working Group, and plan to go beyond an informal network to create a programme that will enable greater understanding of this kind of intermediary work and strengthen practice.  The full report of the workshop can be found at Between Ourselves:  Report from the second meeting of the I-K-Mediary Group  July 2008, Centurion, South Africa.

The I-K-Mediary Working Group emerged from a workshop last year. A report of that event is available entitled “Between ourselves: the new generation of information and knowledge intermediaries” (pdf 1.2mb). For further information about the group see their webpage.

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