This conference brought together around 100 people from the developing world and the developed world who share a common interest in creating and sustaining an enabling environment for evidence based policy and practice. As well as research brokers and intermediaries themselves, this included people involved in policy and practice, researcher producers, and people with a practical and theoretical interest in areas such as research communication, knowledge management, strategic use of ICTs, communications for social change, information and library science.

A full conference participant list with contact details is now available.  If you want to follow up with any of the participants about issues raised in the conference or discussions that took place during the conference you can find their contact details here.

Between Ourselves workshop participants
The ‘Between Ourselves Workshop’ took place immediately after the conference on 3-4 July. It was a smaller, more practical event for intermediary and research broker services who all aim to increase access to and use of research in development contexts.  Representatives from these organisations also particpated in the Locating the Power of In-between conference.

You can find more details about the Between Ourselves workshop participants in our world map of intermediary services and a more detailed description of the services. Please do take the opportunity to find out what their services can offer and see how they can help you in your work.

To find out more about the Between Ourselves workshop please visit the following link.

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