Policy to policy implementation

August 13, 2008

Jennifer Liguton from the Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS) talks about how intermediaries face a difficult challenge in bridging research and policy but maybe need to look beyond their role and how they can influence policy implementation.

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How do research brokers and intermediaries contribute to evidence based policy making? Revisiting the hypotheses

July 22, 2008
Closing plenary session - Jane Ireri (AMREF), James Nguo (ALIN), Ananya Raihan (DNet)

Closing plenary session - Jane Ireri (AMREF), James Nguo (ALIN), Ananya Raihan (DNet)

I always enjoy the closing session of a conference. As I’m reflecting on what I’ll take away it’s good to find out if it’s the same – or the complete opposite – of the other people in the room. Here are some of the things that they were thinking.

  • being an information repository is not enough – intermediaries are part of the knowledge flow
  • intermediaries can’t be fully neutral – but this isn’t the end of the world
  • intermediaries can (should?) have influence at all levels – how are we connecting at the grassroots?
  • more work is needed on monitoring and evaluation – we’re putting all this work in but how do we judge our impact?
  • policy makers make decisions on the fly with a lot of information in their heads – how can we make sure that research is one of these things?
  • people were encouraged by the fact that funders had taken the time to come to the conference – it shows that there is a real interest in what we’re doing?
  • this was an invaluable networking opportunity

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Reflections on the first day of the conference

July 21, 2008

This ad-hoc session was sprung on participants at the beginning of day two but actually provided lots of rich perspectives and insights. Participants were given control of the floor to share their reflections on the previous day. Here are some of the other thoughts that emerged:

Its pretty complex out there and we need to connect:
The research policy arena has so many different players, levels and sectors. Are there other key players we should be talking to or talking about that are not in this room such as publishers? Likewise there are lots of different types of intermediaries – part-time, full-time. The similarities in the challenges we face mean we should be more connected, talk and give feedback to each other.

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